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About us

ZephyScience is originally a French company founded in 2012. From the beginning, the company was created with an innovative mindset to revolutionise the use of computer modelling in the wind energy industry. Since then, ZephyScience has developed a range of tools and services in the wind resource assessment branch using open-source and cloud-computing technology.

After a strong market basis in Asia, particularly in China and India, ZephyScience has opened a new branch in Hamburg in 2018 and is now more closely involved in European activities. With the support of sponsor programs such as EU Horizon 2020, ZephyScience is also constantly working on new developments to stay at the forefront of wind modelling technology.


As the wind market is becoming increasingly competitive and tender processes are replacing state subventions, the financial pressure on owners, developers and investors of wind farms is increasing. This reduces the room for errors in yield predictions over the turbines’ lifetime. In addition, as wind energy needs to be pushed further to reach emission targets, more and more challenging wind sites have to be taken into account.

These factors require an improvement in the resource assessment tools to establish confidence in the wind energy sector. Through advanced physical models combined with elegant computational methods and powerful computing resources, ZephyScience aims to reduce these uncertainties. Our aim is to make CFD wind modelling as accurate, accessible and affordable as possible to improve the reliability of wind project developments.


The different terms used by ZephyScience to describe its activities can quickly become confusing to the newcomer. For this reason we’ve quickly summarised some of the main terms regularly used by us:

  • ZephyTOOLS: software developed by ZephyScience, which regroups several tools specialised in wind resource assessment.
  • ZephyCFD: flagship tool in ZephyTOOLS which is specialised in CFD wind modelling based on OpenFOAM.
  • ZephyWDP: wind data preprocessing tool in ZephyTOOLS.
  • ZephyWDG: meso- to microscale wind data converting tool in ZephyTOOLS (in development).
  • ZephyCloud: cloud computing platform connecting ZephyScience’s software to AWS’ Cloud services.
  • ZephyPole: Services based on ZephyScience’s software and cloud computing activities.
  • ZephyOpen: Open-API platform allowing external software developers in the wind industry to link their modelling chain to ZephyCloud.
  • ZephyFarm: public front-end web-browser client application hosting ZephyScience’s and external developers’ modelling chains.
  • ZephyCoins: virtual currency used to charge the user for cloud computing core-hours. Each ZephyCoin costs €4, yet its value in core-hours varies depending on the subscription level of the user.

What makes us stand out

Cloud computing, open source, data analytics… These buzz words seem to be everywhere nowadays, so that their original meaning can become quite vague. Here’s a quick run-through to bring you back to the basics, and why they’re so important to us:

  • Open-source

    Freely accessible, editable and usable software. Our software developments are based on open-source software such as OpenFOAM, and therefore have no license requirements and are free to download. Yes, free.

  • Cloud-computing (Burst)

    using remote calculation power provided by external servers. Burst computing adds a parallelisation aspect with intercommunication processes. Combining license-free software with cloud-computing allows our software users to set up remote and parallelized computing configurations on demand.

  • Our services

    ZephyScience offers a range of activities centered around wind resource assessment. All are based on our comparative advantage of unlimited access to Cloud computing.

    Partners & References

    Here are some of the partners which have trusted us with our services.

    7 rue Louis Bessède
    Hameau de Calviac
    30460 Lasalle
    13 rue Trigance
    13002 Marseille
    69 Feitian Avenue
    Airport Hub Economic Zone
    211000 Jiangning District
    Lübeckerstraße 139
    22087 Hamburg