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Innovative developments
Wind modelling
Direct CFD turbine-ABL interaction modelling:
  • ZephyScience is reaching the final development stages of a turbine-flow interaction model, where wake and blockage effects are directly modeled in the CFD simulations.
    While the underlying theory using an actuator disk model has been accepted for a while, the available computational capacity has always failed to implement it. The turbines’ varying thrust coefficient with wind speed implies an iterative process on simulations which can already take several days to run by themselves.
    Through its cloud-computing capacity, ZephyScience now offers a solution to this problem.
  • To discover more about our progress in this field, come and visit us at one of our events!

  • ZephyWDG: wind data generator giving initial wind ressource estimates for a specific site. This is particularly relevant for the design of wind measurement campaigns. It will be available as a new tool on ZephyTOOLS.
  • IT
  • Windows compatibility: ZephyScience is working on making ZephyTOOLS a license-free software also working on Windows operating systems. At the moment, ZephyTOOLS can be used on Linux machines or Linux Virutal Machines on Windows systems.
  • ZephyFARM: online platform accessed with a ZephyCloud account, on which users will be able to run ZephyTOOLS irrespective of the OS used.
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