Bringing limitless computational engineering to the wind industry
We combine open-source and cloud-computing to move forward the wind farm modeling limits.
  • Trustable - Scalable - Upgradeable - Unlimited... OPEN-SOURCE !

    Our software developments are based on open-source software such as OpenFOAM, Pandas, XGBoost...
    Believing in the value of the Free Software Movement, we don't want ZephyTOOLS to be only Free as in beer, we want it to be Free as in Freedom.
    Open-science should be the pledge of trustability the wind industry is waiting for, as it leads to the bankability of your projects.
    Keep ready to freely access the whole source code! We are now finalizing it by removing the dirty parts in the source, and it should be soon available on github platform.

  • ZephyScience
    7 rue Louis Bess├Ęde 30460 Lasalle FRANCE