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ZephyScience’s consulting services are grouped under the name ZephyPole. ZephyPole combines the software development and wind engineering expertise of ZephyScience to deliver client-specific solutions.

Training and support

In addition to the training material available with an account subscription, ZephyScience also offers specific training sessions over 2 to 3 days, tailored to the client’s needs. Technical support for the software is also given depending on the subscription chosen.

Consultancy services
ZephyPole offers the possibility to deliver CFD software outputs along with automated reports for a WRA or EYA study. This allows you to focus on what you do best and leave the CFD expertise to us. Our team of wind analysts is ready to deliver your outputs within three days from the moment the adequate input files are given.

In general, ZephyPole offers the following consulting services:

  • Raw climatology data processing: data screening, correlation and extrapolation
  • CFD wind modelling
  • Complete WRA/EYA report following MEASNET / IEC 61400 guidelines

  • To get access to the pricing for each of these services, please contact a member of our Business Development team through our contact form.
    Specification design
    ZephyScience is always interested in sharing its development skills with partners from the industry
    Dedicated developments

    ZephyScience offers the possibility to develop client-specific tools or outputs for wind modelling activities. ZephyPole will discuss the specification design with you to adapt our development services to your needs.

    Collaborative implementations

    The aim for ZephyScience is to create a collaborative platform called ZephyOpen where wind energy software developers can benefit from ZephyCloud’s cloud-computing capacity to offer their own modelling chains with Cloud capacity to third-party users. ZephyPole works on integrating these modelling chains into the ZephyScience collaborative platform to guarantee maximum benefits for all actors involved.

    For more information on the implementation framework, refer to the document below:

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